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    game đánh bài đổi thưởng nào uy tín nhất

    Welcome to my website - if you are interested in any of these topics:

    • Rural & outback life
    • Agriculture
    • Drone training (Rural Drone Academy)
    • Travel
    • Photography

    - you will find something of interest in here! I'm a professional photographer who has specialised in agriculture for more than thirty years, and my rural advocacy business has morphed into a multi-faceted beast.

    This is the largest/oldest rural website in Australia, created when there were no other Australian rural information websites online. It quickly grew into a monster containing a wide range of outback and rural information and is now 500+ pages in total. The site map will help you find your way around the website, and the subject index is useful for the blog. Here's a summary of what keeps me busy at present:

    1. OUTBACK BOOKS: Featuring images of Australia's largest cattle stations, the largest 'ranches' in the world.  Memorable personal & corporate gifts, especially for those who are hard to buy for. Book details & book reviews by readers.
    2. WORKSHOPS & PRESENTATIONS: Passing on what I've learned over 30+ years on a variety of topics. Most recently, primarily via the Rural Drone Academy - drone use for agricultural or photography purposes. Workshop information, upcoming workshop dates & comments from workshop participants.
    3. IMAGES - for commercial use: Photography commission details and drone photography.
    4. FARMING & PHOTOGRAPHY TOURS: For example the 2019 Ireland & UK farm tour.
    Over a long career I have also produced magazine stories and held photography exhibitions.
    If you have an interest in rural Australia you would have bumped into my work somewhere - though you might not be aware of it.

    I spend a lot of time rushing about the countryside but several times a year try to sit long enough to produce a newsletter, with useful info & special offers. If you'd like to receive it please let me know via the Contact page.

    Overseas Farm Tours - UK & Ireland Farm Tour:

    Agricultural tours are run in conjunction with Quadrant, Australia's largest farm tour company.   If you would like to get to know the authentic side of another country, while in the company of a great group of Australian farmers (memorable conversations and a lot of laughter), then the tours I lead are what you've been looking for.  These tours have genuinely unique aspects that other tours don't. More details regarding this year's Ireland & UK tour on the 2019 Farm Tour page.

    Outback Books:

    To date I've produced 3 books featuring more than 800 of the best photos I've taken on more than 60 of Australia's largest cattle stations since 1984. These are the largest cattle stations in the world. I can personally sign books for you if you would like me to, and mail them worldwide. Some of the photos in the books can be seen in the website header (top of this page); and the cover of the latest book is above.  Thousands of copies have sold and many buyers have generously taken the time to send me email messages saying what they think. Some of these fabulous messages can be seen on the Testimonials page.  These timeless books are loved equally by people who have lived on cattle stations and by people who've only dreamed of life in the outback. You may find they are the best books you've ever bought, as others have.

    I love hearing other people's stories - so if you'd like to, please don't forget to tell me a bit about yourself when you order - whether you order online or over the phone.

    Purchase Australian Outback Photography Books Purchase Australian Outback Greeting Cards

    Some 2017-9 career highlights:

    • Invited to speak at drone conferences on 4 continents (Europe, China and the US, in addition to Australia)
    • Queensland Rural Press Club - photography & social media awards
    • Chicago-based Women & Drones - named as one of 10 'Women to Watch in UAS' (unmanned aviation systems), globally
    • Agrifutures Rural Women's Award finalist - Rural Drone Academy project
    • Queensland Government 'Community Digital Champion' & '100 Faces of Small Business'
    • Queensland Rural, Regional & Remote Women's Network 'RRR Storyteller' award


    • One of the few to have had an exhibition opened by an Australian Governor-General (Major General Michael Jeffery) and Australian Ambassador to the US (Joe Hockey)
    • An ABC Television 'Landline' feature story
    • The first Australian appointed to the 3 person panel judging the International Federation of Agricultural Journalist's 'Star Prize for Photography' (photos entered from more than 30 countries)

    Australia's largest outback cattle stations - in summary:

    These vast outback stations (ranches) are spread right across the top half of the Australian continent - a sparsely settled remote region measuring more than 2,000km north to south and more than 3,000km from east to west. Quite a few Australian cattle stations are more than 10,000 square kilometres (3,860 square miles) in size and run more than 20,000 cattle in average seasons.  Several now run more than 100,000 cattle.  Until recently most northern outback stations still preferred to rely on stockhorses for walking mobs. On many, stockcamps are still usual for at least part of the year.

    Many of the scenes and activities I've captured over more than thirty years, and included in my books, no longer exist.  While living on some of the remote stations I lived on, I would have laughed if you told me one day there'd be television, internet & phone services provided by satellite.  I've seen a lot of changes and what I do is unique - worldwide. These are topics I'm sometimes asked to cover in workshops & other public speaking engagements.

    Social Media Accounts:

    Blogs were new and still rare when this website was created. And social media accounts and smartphones hadn't even been invented. But here they are now! Different content is posted on different platforms - only occasionally is there any crossover:

    • @Twitter - @FionaLakeAus - best for instant, global conversations regarding agricultural innovation & science/conservation; travel, weather & drones
    • @Twitter - @Agri_Events - used for promoting global agricultural events, rural grants/awards, farming education & charities
    • LinkedIn - a self-updating business card file and 24/7 free conference in whatever specialty you choose your contacts from. I'd love to include you in my network of nearly 6,000 very specific contacts, so please don't hesitate to send me a connection invitation - but do explain what interests we have in common. 
    • Facebook page - where I primarily post useful photography & travel information
    • Instagram - an assortment of random still images & brief videos, taken with my phone while travelling

    Sometimes I'm roaming around the countryside & can be hard to contact:

    • As this is a one-person business you receive personal service - but the office is closed when I'm travelling. 
    • The future events blog page lists the dates when the office will be closed and regions/events I am attending.
    • Don't hesitate to contact me (details below) if you have any queries regarding my outback books, Rural Drone Academy training, cattle station & agricultural photos, photography commission work, farm tours or workshops - on drones to phone photography. 

    And please consider buying some of my outback books. You receive personable, memorable gifts for people who are hard to buy for, and the funds help me to continue the rural advocacy work I do. In particular, reaching the most vital audience - those who are least familiar with agriculture.

    © Copyright Fiona Lake

    The contents of this website must not be reproduced or used in any way whatsoever without a specific written agreement — arranged prior to use. Unauthorised copying is illegal and copyright infringements will be pursued. For further information please see the copyright section.
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